Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Lovely Piece of Web Pulp

Through reading a column on the ever graceful Robot 6, I (like many) have had American Barbarian by Tom Scioli drawn to my attention (no pun intended). My intrigue grew immediately and I checked out the preview Scioli has on his site, becoming absorbed in the rapid pace of the story and the Kirby-esque artwork I thought I'd re-post a few little details I found especially nice...
All rights Tom Scioli

This comic is just about He-man enough to bring me back to my childhood roots - something I feel I've been indulging in of late, finally allowing my self to dip a toe into the dangerously vast and deep pool of manga (but not too far) and realising that has some deep roots for me - which is something that JCM touches on in his much more comprehensive take on the book. This has been a light, punchy relief from the convoluted world of Death Note that I have been putting myself through recently (like I say only just allowing myself into that territory). I recommend a look and a buy, I myself will have a look at Godland next, as I've missed that little boat.

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